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RESULTS  Guaranteed

Sweaty. Shaky. Sore. STRONG ! This is what you will feel after your 45 minutes of strength training and cardio all rolled into one super fun package !

Our classes deliver a low-impact, high-intensity, full-body workout to help users of all fitness levels build cardio endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and core strength. You will see results and you will see them FAST !



Join us for a transformative 45-minute session that combines strength training and cardio. Feel the burn, embrace the shake, and witness rapid results. Whether you're a beginner or a fitness enthusiast, our low-impact, high-intensity workouts are tailored for all levels. Dive into a full-body workout that boosts cardio endurance, muscular strength, and core power.

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"A few things l've been loving about Lagree are, first, I can already see an improvement in my strength which I first noticed when I didn't need to stop on a hike I do regularly for training that is rated as


Secondly, the instructors here are not only extremely nice and capable, they are extremely helpful as they give one on one instruction and encouragement to you as they see you need it. I have also enjoyed the camaraderie that's come from attending regularly. I look forward to my workouts here and really enjoy seeing my level of fitness increase!"


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Use our personalized app to book your classes seamlessly.

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