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Rebekah is passionate about Lagree Fitness! After taking her first Lagree class, she was inspired to leave her corporate job of 25 years to become a certified Lagree instructor and open Viva Lagree! She is an ovarian cancer survivor and loves teaching others, learning about their stories, watching them thrive and being a part of their fitness journey!

Fitness has always been a love and passion. As I get older, I am always looking for fun new ways to move that is gentle to my joints while still challenging my inner 20 year-old. Lagree is my fountain of youth!

Living life to the fullest is important to me! I’m passionate about traveling to new places and creating memories with the people I love. Lagree helps me to do just that by keeping my body strong and capable!


I love being social and making new friends, and Lagree has been one of my favorite places to do just that. Plus I get to build strength and get toned while I’m at it, bonus! I am currently a nursing student, so I love to incorporate that knowledge into my classes! School keeps me busy so Lagree is my favorite because it is the most insane full body workout you can do in such a short time ! I love Lagree!


Casey Scott joined us Thursday morning with some morning workout motivation at Viva Lagree in Farmington.

Working out at Viva Lagree

with Casey Scott

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