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The Lagree Method

The Lagree Method is one of the fastest growing and hottest workouts in the industry

45 Mins can Change your Body and your Life

Developed by celebrity fitness trainer Sebastien Lagree, the Lagree fitness method is unique in that it is the only workout to effectively balance high-intensity with low-impact movements. Focusing on muscular strength, muscular endurance, time under tension and slow-controlled movement, this unique method will fully engage and fatigue your muscles, maximizing the effects in just 45 minutes! You are guaranteed to feel the burn within the muscles but not in the joints or connective tissues. You’ll be amazed what just 45 minutes can do to your body !

Who is the Lagree Fitness Method For?

The Lagree workout is the perfect workout for anybody and every BODY! This high-intensity, low-impact method delivers exceptional results in a remarkable amount of time due to its unique combination Strength, Cardio, Endurance, Core, Balance and Flexibility. By combining all of these, clients are able to strengthen, tighten, and tone the body in just a few classes, making Lagree Fitness the superior approach to full-body conditioning.

How Does it Work?

Viva Lagree offers a unique fitness experience that combines strength training and cardio into a high-intensity, low-impact workout. In just 45 minutes, participants engage in a full-body routine designed to build cardio endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and core strength. Utilizing specialized equipment and tailored exercises, Viva Lagree ensures that users of all fitness levels can achieve an effective superior workout in under an hour.

The Miniformer - PRO

Viva Lagree uses specialized equipment designed by Lagree's founder Sebastian Lagree - offering users an unrivaled range of motion and custom setups for each workout.

These ladies are awesome! So positive and leave you with the best kind of vibe for a workout and for the rest of your day!! Viva Lagree!!!

Kami Hendry

Such an amazing work out! The instructor (Erin) is easy to follow, vivacious and engaging. It's the perfect way to boost your fitness to the next level!

Mary Ehrhart

This place is amazing! The vibe is welcoming and supportive. Every instructor is exceptional. They are kind, motivating, and will challenge you during the entire 45 minute session. I feel stronger after every workout, I’m hooked!!

Anna Braner


  • What should I expect from my first class ?
    Expect to be challenged! All new students need to take the time to watch our Introductory Video which will take them through the machine and let them know what to expect from their first workout.
  • What if a class is full ?
    If a class is full, you may elect to place yourself on the waitlist. Our waitlist locks at 12 hours before class which means you will NOT be automatically added in after that point. If you have not been added to the class, feel free to check back and add yourself if a spot has opened up. If you can no longer attend class, you MUST remove yourself from the waitlist. Once you have been added to the class, you are subject to the Late Cancel policy. You agree to add yourself to the waitlist only if you are definitely able to attend.
  • What should I bring to class ?
    For safety reasons, we require all clients to wear Non-Slip Grip Socks. Socks can be purchased at the studio and can be charged to your credit card through your online account.
  • What is your cancellation policy ?
    All cancellations must be made no less than 10 hours prior to class. If you cancel a class less than 10 hours prior to the scheduled start time, you will be assessed a late-cancel fee. If you fail to attend a class you are signed up for, you will be assessed a no-show fee. Fees are applied to your credit card on file, or the payment method used for booking the class. Membership Client Fees: Late-cancel fee – $15 No-show fee – $15 + loss of a class Unlimited Memberships will be charged a $20 no-show fee Class Pack/Drop In Client Fees: Late-cancel fee – $15 No-show fee – $15 and loss of class
  • Am I required to set up a studio account to sign up for classes ?
    Yes. Creating an account allows you to electronically sign our waiver and it allows us to contact you in the event of any scheduling changes (i.e., power outages, substitute teachers, etc.).
  • What is your late policy?
    Students who arrive more than five (5) minutes after the scheduled start time of a class will not be allowed to join. If you arrive more than 5 minutes past scheduled class time, your space MAY be given to a standby client, and you will be subject to the No Show fee. New students must arrive 10 minutes prior to class for orientation and must watch the orientation video prior to taking their first class.
  • Is Lagree safe during pregnancy?
    As always, consult with your physician before beginning any workout regimen. If you have been doing Lagree prior to pregnancy, then Lagree is an excellent choice for pregnancy as it is a form of strength training and also low impact. However, due to the high intensity and nature of the workout, we recommend you don’t start Lagree during your pregnancy. During pregnancy you will want to avoid ALL crunches, twisting moves, and any move in the back of the machine (except for upper body). Adding an extra light spring for light moves in the front will offer more support and is highly recommended. Remember to always let your instructor know before the workout so they can offer you modifications for any moves that may not be safe during pregnancy.
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